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You & the Law is a four-page, full-color newsletter featuring articles about the law that are of interest to your clients including small claims court, “lemon” laws, bankruptcy, toy safety, renter’s rights, and much more. Written in non-legal language, the newsletter will help educate consumers’ on their rights as well as the importance of the civil justice system. 

Exclusive Service for Members Only – Low Subscription Costs

You & the Law is available to ATLA members on a subscription basis. Your name, firm name, address, phone, fax, website and email address will be printed on the front page and on the last page above the address label. As a subscriber, you purchase the newsletters and they are shipped directly to you for labeling and mailout. 

Subscription Cost

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Cost per Newsletter 

100-500 $1.25  $8.00
500-1000 $1.25  $10.50
1000-2000 $1.25  $12.00
2000 and over $1.00  $20.00

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To subscribe to You & the Law, please contact ATLA at (501) 376-2852 or 800-442-ATLA or email