HB 1570   Sullivan
Jeffress, G.
Prescribes requirements of production contracts for raising livestock or poultry and specifies the growers right to legal and equitable relief from the contractor in cases of contract violations.
Bill History: 03-29-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1253 )
HB 1970   Goss Requires health spas to have at least one automated external defibrillator on the premises and keep at least one employee who is trained to use it on duty at all times.
Bill History: 03-24-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1199 )
HB 2612   Walters Prohibits arbitration and forum selection clauses in the sale contracts for motor vehicles; gives purchasers an option of knowingly signing an agreement including binding arbitration.
Bill History: 03-24-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1239 )
HB 2750   Wood Creates the Arkansas Patriot Act to provide certain protections to members of the Arkansas National Guard who are called into active duty.
Bill History: 03-24-05 H Withdrawn from further consideration
SB 555   Bisbee Provides for the use of retainage on construction contracts, if an escrow arrangement is used; a public agency may define the retainage arrangement in its bid document; does not apply to residential property of four or fewer units.
Bill History: 03-09-05 S Withdrawn from further consideration
SB 990   Holt Allows the owners of residential property receiving notice of a lien against the property that he believes to be a fraudulent claim to file a petition objecting to the lien and receive an expedited hearing in circuit court.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Meeting set for 9:30 AM - Room 149 H-Judiciary

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