Employment Law  


HB 1598   Wood
Creates the Military Service Protection Act, declaring the right of otherwise qualified persons with military service to be considered without discrimination for employment, property and credit transactions, and voting rights.
Bill History: 03-18-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 920 )
HB 1795   Ledbetter Prohibits state employees subpoenaed as witnesses by a court or other hearing from keeping witness or mileage fees when the matter is within the scope of his employment, unless he used his own vehicle and is not reimbursed by his employer.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Received in the House - Sent to Governor
HB 1838   Prater
Adds clarifying language to child labor provisions pertaining to permissible hours of employment.
Bill History: 03-18-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 939 )
HB 1839   Prater
Adds a provision to the Child Labor Law which allows children eleven years of age or older to officiate youth sports league games with parental consent and a league official present.
Bill History: 03-18-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 940 )
HB 2125   McDaniel Clarifies definition of "full-time employee" for provisions prohibiting state employees from representing claimants before the State Claims Commission.
Bill History: 03-15-05 H Meeting set for 12:00 PM - Room 428 H-Rules
HB 2393   McDaniel Providing that dispute resolution processes used by state and local government agencies includes disputes between themselves and any employee or employee organization.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Meeting set for 9:30 AM - Room 130 H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
HB 2917   Burris Relates to the definition for objective evidence necessary to prove permanent hearing loss disability in occupational cases.
Bill History: 04-05-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1694 )
HB 2974   Goss Relates to extending the employment time of temporary employees of private businesses to ninety days.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Meeting set for UPON ADJOURNMENT - Room 130 H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
SB 528   Madison
Requires municipalities to withhold membership dues for unions or professional associations upon an employee's written request.
Bill History: 04-08-05 H Placed on the House calendar
SB 1184   Holt Relates to creating the Arkansas Fair Employment Act, making certain discharge of employees an unfair trade practice.
Bill History: 04-08-05 S Meeting set for 9:00 AM - Room 272 S-Public Health, Welfare and Labor


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