HB 1031   Mahony
Establishes a pilot program for redispensing of prescription drugs to charitable clinics, to be developed by the State Board of Pharmacy in cooperation with the Dept. of Human Services and the Dept. of Health.
Bill History: 02-15-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 162 )
HB 1231   Scroggin Revises provisions governing public access to automated external defibrillation.
Bill History: 02-24-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 273 )
HB 1236   Scroggin Creates a statewide mutual aid system for all local offices of emergency services that do not opt out; participants will cooperate with contiguous emergency jurisdictions and the Homeland Security Dept. for response development.
Bill History: 03-24-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1179 )
HB 1377   Verkamp Exempts real estate brokers acting as agent for service of process for a non-resident owner from liability if the licensee sends the service of process to the last known address of the owner within three business days of receipt of service.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Received in the House - Sent to Governor
HB 1491   Ormond Requires for-profit passenger excursion trains to maintain liability insurance coverage of not less than $10 million; limits liability of excursion train operators and the railroad over whose tracks the train operates to $10 million per incident.
Bill History: 02-18-05 H Meeting set for 9:00 AM - Room 149 H-Insurance and Commerce
HB 1569   Smith, L. Establishes immunity from suit to persons communicating information regarding another person or entity to a governing agency regarding a matter of concern to that agency.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Received in the House - Sent to Governor
HB 1708   Rosenbaum Requires school district policies on prevention of pupil harassment include provision for handling anonymous reporting of bullying incidents, including protection of the alleged victim's identification.
Bill History: 03-31-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1437 )
HB 1766   Thompson Specifies landlords, and agents or employees of landlords, are not liable to a tenant or tenant's invitees for injury or damage caused by defect or disrepair on the premises unless the landlord has failed to perform an agreed to repair.
Bill History: 03-18-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 928 )
HB 1823   Ledbetter Prohibits civil liability actions for damages related to a person's weight gain or obesity against certain food seller, including chain restaurants, that meet certain conditions, including posting of nutritional information on menus.
Bill History: 04-08-05 S Meeting set for 9:00 AM - Room 272 S-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
HB 1970   Goss Requires health spas to have at least one automated external defibrillator on the premises and keep at least one employee who is trained to use it on duty at all times.
Bill History: 03-24-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1199 )
SB 331   Broadway Changes provisions concening licensure of Professional Geologists, including increasing the maximum fine to $2,000, liability of the Board of Registration, requirements for licensure, penalties and fees.
Bill History: 03-09-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 676 )
SB 390   Smith, T. Provides owners of boats are not strictly liable to renters or leasees of he boats for injury or damage caused by negligent operation of the boat by the renter or lessee; liability to be determined by on the basis of comparable fault.
Bill History: 03-22-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1156 )
SB 447   Smith, T.
Limits the liability of property owners who make property available for municipal water supply purposes.
Bill History: 04-08-05 S Senate concurred in House amendments
SB 1141   Critcher The Health Care Rights of Conscience Act, specifying the right of health care institutions to not participate in a health care service that violates the institution's conscience as expressed in its mission statement, ethical guidelines, etc.
Bill History: 04-04-05 S Withdrawn from further consideration

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