Thank you for your interest in ATLA's Law Student Employment Pool.   This program was designed to match ATLA Student Members who wish to practice plaintiff's law with ATLA members who need law clerks, contract employees, associate firm members, or to fill various other types of positions to be negotiated between the individual ATLA students and members.

Listed below are the ATLA Student members who submitted an application for this program.  A link to each student's resume is next to their name. 

Please let ATLA Staff know when you hire one of the following students so that we may track this new program's progress.  Call or email ATLA Staff with any questions you may have.  (501.376.2852/800.442.2852 or

 New student additions to this page are highlighted in bold.

Name Resume 


Andrew Norwood


Andrew Norwood-Resume

Lauren Barg

 Lauren Barg - Resume

Reese Owens Reece Owens - Resume
Stephanie Mantell Stephanie Mantell - Resume
Melissa Hollowell Melissa Hollowell - Resume


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