Lien Law  


HB 2490   Thyer Provides general contractors are not subject to a lien for the materials of a subcontractor unless the materials vendor(s) provides notice to the contractor within 10 days of the purchase by the subcontractor.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Meeting set for UPON ADJOURNMENT - Room 130 H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
HB 2753   Overbey Changes documentation requirements for the issuance of repossession titles to motor vehicles.
Bill History: 03-22-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1175 )
HB 2770   Cowling Establishes the priority of construction mortgages and mechanic's liens.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Meeting set for UPON ADJOURNMENT - Room 130 H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
HB 2803   Lamoureux Creates the Real Estate License Lien Act.
Bill History: 04-07-05 S Passed (Vote: Y: 33/N: 0)
HB 2805   Lamoureux Provides a person who did not have required notice of a real estate foreclosure sale with the right to redeem the property by paying the total amount of debt owed.
Bill History: 03-30-05 H Meeting set for 10:00 AM - Room 149 H-Insurance and Commerce
HB 2864   Key Creates a lien to distributors of motor fuel on the fuel inventory, storage tanks, and related lands of retailers or bulk purchasers for unpaid balance owed the distributor.
Bill History: 04-01-05 H Withdrawn from further consideration
SB 990   Holt Allows the owners of residential property receiving notice of a lien against the property that he believes to be a fraudulent claim to file a petition objecting to the lien and receive an expedited hearing in circuit court.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Meeting set for 9:30 AM - Room 149 H-Judiciary
SB 1120   Hendren Revises requirements for notice in foreclosure sales.
Bill History: 04-08-05 S Placed on the Senate calendar
SB 1151   Faris Deletes the option of recording a lien on a motor vehicle on the manufacturer's statement of origin and on an existing certificate of title.
Bill History: 04-08-05 H Placed on the House calendar
SB 1182   Broadway Relates to requiring an attorney claiming a lien to demonstrate that services were performed under the contract giving rise to the lien to be entitled to the protection of the Attorney Lien Law.
Bill History: 04-08-05 S Meeting set for 10:00 AM or Call of the Cha...S-Judiciary


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