MedDebt Reduction Center
Welcome to ATLA’s MedDebt Reduction Center!  We’re glad you’re here because that means you’re going to save your clients from burdensome medical bills and also save yourself the time and headache of dealing with the liens.  We’ve just expanded our exclusive members-only debt reduction services to include government medical liens in addition to private liens.  This is very exciting news because it means that all of your Medicare, Medicaid,Tricare or VA liens are now eligible for major reductions!  ATLA’s MRC has reduced lien amounts by as much as 82%, which represents immeasurable time savings and means a significant increase in net settlement dollars to claimants.  We have the most efficient professionals working on analyzing lien data, making market comparisons and weeding out extra charges so that your client receives the best reductions while you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.  Fill out the forms below and rest in the confidence that we are handling it all for you.

Private Providers
How does the MRC-Private Providers Division work with my client’s private liens?
Using the MRC is simple.  Just visit the MRC upload page and enter the required information as well as scanned copies of your client's bills, and we’ll take it from there.  You can rest assured knowing that your client’s information is secure and that you have a top notch, proven team of analysts working to reduce your client’s medical bills and eliminate medical liens.  There is no obligation if you are not satisfied with the results, and nothing is finalized with the provider without your approval.

How much does the MRC-Private Liens Division cost?
Fees for using the MRC are based on 20% of your savings.  All fees will be described and agreed upon with a MedDebt Reduction representative once the negotiations are complete.

To reduce medical debt from private providers, simply  and fill out the required information. A MedDebt Reduction - Private Liens Division representative will be in touch within one business day.

Government Providers:
How does the MRC-Government Providers Division work with my client’s government liens?
Obtaining the lien amounts for Medicare and Medicaid Liens are proven time and again to be a time consuming and extremely frustrating task – but using the MRC is very quick and easy.  You’ll simply visit the MRC-Government Liens upload page and enter all of the required information.  The entire process can take anywhere from 4-12 months due to long periods of Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare/VA response times. But the ATLA MRC is equipped with knowledgeable analysts who are able to effectively expedite the process, all while working to get the lowest possible final lien amounts on your government liens.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.  You’ll be thankful when your client has a lowered lien and it didn’t cost your office any time!

How much does the MRC-Government Providers Division cost?
For an introductory period through the rest of 2014, we’re offering government lien reductions at a flat rate of $995 per case.  After the introductory special, all new Medicare/Medicaid, VA and Tricare cases will be billed a flat fee of $1250.  We handle all aspects of any lien – large or small, and the cost remains the same regardless of any other financial variables in your client’s case.  And paying when the case is resolved means there’s no more money out of your pocket!

To reduce medical debt from government providers, simply  and fill out the required information.  A MedDebt Reduction – Government Liens representative will be in touch within one business day.