Real Estate  


HB 1017   Glidewell
Requires owners of property to disclose to prospective tenants or buyers any knowledge of unlawful use of the property within the past five years in violation of the Controlled Substances Act.
Bill History: 01-20-05 H Meeting set for 10:00 AM - Room 130 H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
HB 1137   Verkamp Creates the "beneficiary deed", a means of conveying interest in real property to a designated grantee beneficiary that is recorded but does not take effect until the death of the owner.
Bill History: 04-07-05 S Passed (Vote: Y: 35/N: 0)
HB 1199   Rogers Prohibits the assessment of penalties for delinquent payment of property taxes against any taxpayer during the taxpayers military deployment, plus one year after the deployment ends.
Bill History: 02-11-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 135 )
HB 1751   Maloch
Specifies the prohibition against realtors taking documents or information from a principal broker to another real estate firm applies to documents and information belonging to the previous employing "firm" as well.
Bill History: 03-03-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 560 )
HB 1752   Maloch
Allows principal real estate brokers to designate "executive brokers" to supervise licensees at branch offices.
Bill History: 03-03-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 561 )
HB 1753   Maloch
Adds requirement applicants for real estate license complete a criminal history background check prior to licensure.
Bill History: 03-08-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 657 )
HB 1766   Thompson Specifies landlords, and agents or employees of landlords, are not liable to a tenant or tenant's invitees for injury or damage caused by defect or disrepair on the premises unless the landlord has failed to perform an agreed to repair.
Bill History: 03-18-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 928 )
HB 2505   McDaniel Specifies a mortgage interest or other secured interest is not severed as a result of property being sold at a tax sale or foreclosure.
Bill History: 03-09-05 H Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 149 H-Insurance and Commerce
HB 2572   Adcock Creates the offense of reckless damage of a structure, making the offense a violation subject to a fine of from $500 to $1,000.
Bill History: 04-04-05 H Defeated (Vote: N: 37/Y: 33)
HB 2584   Childers Requires home inspectors to carry errors and omissions insurance in an amount no less than $250,000.
Bill History: 03-31-05 H Defeated (Vote: N: 37/Y: 43)
HB 2658   Hutchinson, J. Amends various provisions of the Fair Mortgage Lending Act (ACA 23-39-5).
Bill History: 04-05-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1680 )
HB 2678   Cowling
Jeffress, J.
Creates the Arkansas Title Insurance and Escrow Agents' Recovery Fund Act concerning recovery for persons injured by actions of title insurers, title insurance companies and agents, and escrow companies and agents.
Bill History: 04-04-05 H Meeting set for UPON ADJOURNMENT - Room 149 H-Insurance and Commerce
HB 2725   Davenport Provides that any easements in, across, or related to water do not imply hunting, fishing, or other recreational use of the water or the lands adjacent to the water; limits water easement travel to the most direct route across the water.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Referred to interim committee H-City, County and Local Affairs
HB 2802   Lamoureux Provides exemption for real property foreclosure from collection agency regulations.
Bill History: 04-05-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1688 )
HB 2803   Lamoureux Creates the Real Estate License Lien Act.
Bill History: 04-07-05 S Passed (Vote: Y: 33/N: 0)
HB 2805   Lamoureux Provides a person who did not have required notice of a real estate foreclosure sale with the right to redeem the property by paying the total amount of debt owed.
Bill History: 03-30-05 H Meeting set for 10:00 AM - Room 149 H-Insurance and Commerce
HB 2806   Lamoureux Amends provisions for deeds of administrators, exeucutors, guardians, commissioners, and sheriffs as relates to valid title.
Bill History: 04-07-05 H Received in the House - Sent to Governor
HB 2807   Lamoureux Provides that the trustee of a deed of trust shall reconvey the property on written request of the beneficiary of the deed of trust for a reasonable fee plus costs; requires trustee be a licensed attorney.
Bill History: 04-07-05 S Passed (Vote: Y: 35/N: 0)
SB 188   Wooldridge Provides that the title to any real property, including mineral rights, which is based upon a deed resulting from a delinquent tax sale is marketable if certain qualifications are met.
Bill History: 04-08-05 H Do pass as Amended No. 1 H-Revenue and Taxation
SB 189   Wooldridge Includes subsurface mineral interests in the definition of "lands" which are eligible for action to quiet and confirm the title when sold for nonpayment of taxes.
Bill History: 02-23-05 S Meeting set for 10:00 AM - OSC S-Revenue and Taxation
SB 252   Wooldridge
Allows title companies to get documentary stamps from the Revenue Division of the Department of Finance and Administration on consignment, in the same manner as banks and savings and loan associations.
Bill History: 02-22-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 260 )
SB 1008   Broadway Creates the Manufactured Drug Inspection and Cleanup Study Committee to study and determine guidelines for cleanup of structures where controlled substances have been made.
Bill History: 04-08-05 H Passed (Vote: Y: 89/N: 0)
SB 1020   Madison Requires all residential rental property to meet, at time of possession, certain habitability standards, including covered windows, working source of electricity and water, a functioning smoke alarm, more.
Bill History: 04-08-05 H Placed on the House calendar
SB 1024   Madison Allows electronic dissemination of certain criminal history information to persons responsible for renting and leasing property.
Bill History: 04-06-05 S Withdrawn from further consideration
SB 1075   Taylor Exempts surveys and plats from the specifications for documents to be accepted for recording by circuit clerks.
Bill History: 03-30-05 G Signed by the Governor (Act: 1428 )
SB 1120   Hendren Revises requirements for notice in foreclosure sales.
Bill History: 04-08-05 S Placed on the Senate calendar
SB 1147   Hendren Adds provision that "homestead" may also be a dwelling owned by a revocable trust that is the dwelling of the person who formed the trust.
Bill History: 03-18-05 S Meeting set for 9:00 AM - OSC S-Revenue and Taxation
SB 1191   Madison Provides a tax credit of50% of the purchase and installation price of insulation installed in residential rental property.
Bill History: 04-07-05 S Referred to interim committee S-Revenue and Taxation


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