Public Service through Public Education


The ATLA Speakers Bureau is designed to educate the public regarding legal issues and consumer rights. ATLA members volunteer their time to provide valuable information on a wide range of topics from consumer product safety to the criminal justice system. Each program is free of charge and tailored to meet the needs of your group by one of our experienced, plaintiff attorney members. Presentations are available for civic groups, elementary and secondary school students, meetings and conferences. 

Careers in Law
Consumer Rights/Law
Jury Trial System
Personal Injury Law
Health Care and Patient’s Rights
Criminal Justice System
What to Do in Case of an Auto Accident
Interpreting Insurance Policies
Workers’ Compensation
Social Security Disability
Probate Law
How to Select a Lawyer
Civil Rights
DWI/DUI in Arkansas 
Juvenile Law

If you would like more information on ATLA’s Speakers Bureau, please contact us at (501) 376-2852