Each May, ATLA joins with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in a national child safety campaign, Take 25

The program encourages adults to take 25 minutes to talk to children, parents and the public about child safety. As a profession, trial attorneys deal with safety issues regularly, and this is an opportunity to give back to our communities using that knowledge.
What to talk about?
ATLA will provide safety materials and other talking points
Who to talk to?
You can speak to your child’s school, the local PTA or even your
Rotary Club. The goal is to spread the word about child safety.
How do I sign-up?
Call ATLA today at (800) 442-ATLA or email arktla@arktla.org  
This is a great opportunity for trial lawyers to give back to our communities & help keep Arkansas children safe. 

Will you take 25?