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Elite Members

Who are our heroes?   The following members.  They belong to an elite group whose special gifts support ATLA's mission to preserve and protect the American Jury system and to educate the public about their rights.  They are our Elite Members.

Platinum Founder
Hare Wynn Newell & Newton 
Tom Thrash

Silver Diplomat
Brad Hendricks
Rainwater, Holt & Sexton

Bronze Barrister
Bryce Brewer
Thomas Buchanan
Bruce Flint
Greg Giles
Joey McCutchen
Trammell-Piazza Law Firm
Les Weisbrod

Champion Benefactor
Philip Bohrer
Brian Brooks

Eric Buchanan
Paul Byrd
Ralph Cloar
Phillip Duncan
Bob Edwards
Don Elliot
Craig Friedman
Joseph Gates
Jesse Gibson
Jason Hatfield
Chris Heil
Taylor King
Alan Lane
Samuel Ledbetter
Matt Lindsay
Bobby McDaniel
Wilkes & McHugh
Bruce McMath
Phillip McMath
Joey McCutchen
Peter Miller
Timothy J. Myers
John Patterson
Jeff Priebe

James A. Simpson
Rick Spencer
William Stanley
Breean Walas
Phillip Wells
David Williams
George Wise

Champion Patron

R. Keith Arman*
Brent Baber*
John Barron*
Tom Barron
King Benson
Matthew Bishop
Will Bond
Robert Bridewell
Neil Chamberlin
Don Chaney*
Timothy Dudley*
Terry Dugger
Chad Durrett*
B. Michael Easley*
Stephen Engstrom*
Bob Estes*
Todd Griffin*
Hani Hashem
William Gary Holt
Paul Keith*
Don Kendall*
Laura McKinnon*
David Mitchell*
Robert Newcomb*
James Nickels
Paul Pfeifer
Donald Pullen*
Mark Rees
Joe Rogers*
J. T. Skinner*
Robin Smith
Casey Tucker
Eric Wewers

Guardian of Justice

Brent Baber
James Bargar
John Barron

Matthew Burr
Kara Byars

George Carder
Wes Cottrell

Kimberly Dale
Shawn Daniels
Steve Davis
Tim Dudley
Stephen Engstrom

Connie Grace
Jeffery Graham
Melanie Grayson
Keith Grayson
Gary Green
J.D. Hays
Thomas Jones
Brandon Lacy
Patty Lueken
Alan LeVar
Brandon Moffitt
Darren O'Quinn
C. Cary Patterson
Michael Phillips
Michael Ray
Chip Sexton
Steve Sharum
Tim Smith
Carter Stein
Marc Stewart
Russell Winburn

If you are interested in becoming an Elite Member please contact us at 501.376.2852.
Updated January, 2016