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Welcome to ATLA MedSearch!

What is ATLA MedSearch?
ATLA MedSearch is an exclusive service that provides ATLA members with a tailored medical research bibliography and bonus expert witness resource directory that will help build the most robust personal injury and medical negligence cases.  

Why should I use ATLA MedSearch?
MedSearch utilizes unprecedented expertise and skill in medical research, and offers a 100% refund in the event of dissatisfaction. All research in this focused report comes from authoritative sources and peer-reviewed medical journals. 

How does it work?
MedSearch is simple to access and sign up for.  Fill out the form below, and within 1-2 business days a MedSearch representative will contact you to discuss the details of your case.  2 to 3 days later, your custom MedSearch Report will arrive, including a comprehensive, focused bibliography of journal articles and abstracts that specifically relate to the medical issues of your case.  

What does it cost?
ATLA’s MedSearch Report is $749, which includes full text copies of up to 10 articles referenced in your MedSearch Report.  Articles after the first 10 are priced at $55 per article.

Get Started!
To get started,.  An ATLA MedSearch representative will contact you within 1-2 business days.

More questions? 
Check out our FAQs below. If you have additional questions about ATLA MedSearch that are not covered in the FAQs, please contact Dr. Elliot Jacob, Director of Medical-Legal Research, at 301.649.9300 or ej@medifocus.com.

Q. What is a custom MedSearch Report?
A custom MedSearch Report is a focused medical literature search designed to identify and retrieve the most relevant articles published about a specific medical-legal issue in authoritative, peer-reviewed medical journals. Typically, the focus of the research is a medical issue that arises from a medical malpractice or personal injury case.

Q. What are the benefits of ordering a custom MedSearch Report?
Attorneys involved in litigating medical malpractice and personal injury cases often require supporting medical literature in order to:

  • Screen new cases for merit based on sound medical facts and principles that are well-established in the medical literature.
  • Better educate themselves about the salient medical issues of a particular case.
  • Determine a potential deviation from the standard of care in a case involving possible medical negligence by a physician.
  • Establish causation for a precipitating event that resulted a particular type of personal injury.
  • Cross-examine opposing medical experts with authoritative, peer-reviewed information published in reputable medical journals.

Once you have submitted your research request, you will be contacted by ATLA MedSearch usually within 1-2 business days to review your request and discuss your specific requirements in more detail. The research will not be initiated until this initial review of the facts and claims of your specific case has taken place. In most cases, your custom MedSearch Report will be completed and delivered to you within 2 to 3 business days.

Q.  Do you need to review any medical records?
In the overwhelming majority of cases, we do not require you to send us any medical records. Occasionally, we may request access to specific documents such as a case summary, an expert’s report, or operative notes to help us gain a better understanding of the key medical issues. We will notify you if we have a need for supplementary documentation.

Q.  What type of medical information do you cover in your research?
We search Medline™ - the largest online bibliographic database of life sciences and medical information that includes more than 21 million records from over 5,500 scientific and medical journals. For each custom research project, we focus on pinpointing the most relevant, case-specific articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals…those that are most likely to be recognized as being authoritative.

Q. What type of information is included in a custom MedSearch Report?
A typical MedSearch Report, that is produced in both digital and print formats, contains the following information:

  • A comprehensive, focused bibliography of relevant journal articles matching as closely as possible the unique medical issues of your specific case. A typical MeSearch Report usually includes 30 to 50 journal article references.
  • For each article reference, a convenient link is provided that enables you to view and print the abstract (summary) of the article directly from Medline™.
  • A valuable “Expert Directory” to help you quickly identify and locate medical authoritites who have particular expertise about the specific medical issue who you may consider using for case review and expert testimony.

Q. Are full-text copies of the articles included in a MedSearch Report?
After receiving and reviewing your custom MedSearch Report, you may select up to 10 article references for which you would like to receive the full-text copies of the actual articles at no additional cost. Once you make your selections, simply contact ATLA MedSearch by either phone or Email and we will obtain your full-text articles from a medical library. The typical turn-around time for delivering your full-text copies is 3 business days.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the information I receive in my custom MedSearch Report?
ATLA MedSearch is confident of the value and professional quality of our products and services.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction.  In the event you are dissatisfied with our products or services in any way whatsoever, simply write us on your business letterhead and explain why you are dissatisfied. You may request a complete refund or a “redo” of your custom MedSearch Report.  The choice is yours.

"Often the determinative centerpiece of a trial, the battle of the experts can easily degenerate into little more than a “he says she says” swearing match.  In such a case, the jury is left with little basis to make a rational choice between the contestants, instead leaving fertile ground for prejudice and emotion to play in - and of course, a tie goes to the defendant.  This is where literature comes into play.  Objective, dispassionate, peer-reviewed literature can be the bazooka that takes out the opposition’s expert.   Finding someone that can do a timely and effective literature search has been problematic in the past - until I found MedSearch.  I have used this service.  They know their business.  A short phone conversation with a doctor is all it takes to receive a targeted bibliography on your topic within a week’s time.  And perhaps best of all, you don’t have to remember anything, as it is just a website link away."

-Bruce McMath, McMath Woods Law Firm, Little Rock