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Every year, the safety of Arkansas families is compromised by special interest groups as they unite to undermine our civil justice system.  These groups come from out of state and also within our borders.  The Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association continues to work diligently to preserve the safety of Arkansas’s families and to dispel the misleading propositions designed by these groups to weaken the civil protections guaranteed by the Constitution.

Involved Members Political Action Committee (IMPACT) is a bipartisan political action committee established by the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association to elect policy makers who support the civil justice system and who believe in protecting Arkansas’ families.  IMPACT works to ensure that candidates who identify with issues important to you and the deserving individuals you represent have the resources to be successful.

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If you are already a member of IMPACT but would like to play a greater role in the political process as it relates to protecting and preserving the civil justice system, please consider joining either the Golden Gavel Club or Silver Scales Club. To learn more, click here.