Legislative Advocacy & Representation
ATLA is your voice and your client's voice at the Arkansas State Capitol. During each session of the Arkansas General Assembly, a team of ATLA staff lobbyists and members promote a legislative agenda advocating consumer rights. Legislative activity is reported weekly to the membership through the ATLA Legislative Bulletin Online. Through the efforts of our members and a voluntary political action committee, Justice PAC,
Arkansas consumers enjoy fewer restrictions on their rights and on the civil justice system than consumers in most other parts of the country.


Members Only Networking Listserve
Join the largest online law firm in
Arkansas.  Network with your plaintiff lawyer colleagues via email or web postings. Ask questions, respond to inquiries and receive news updates including important case information and legislative alerts. To apply for the Listserve, click here.


Professional Networking
Networking - True greatness cannot be created in a vacuum. Instead, it is built skill by skill, secret by secret, blending the experience and greatness of others with your own wisdom and technique. ATLA members take pride in their willingness to share their knowledge and skills with others.


Meeting Space in Little Rock
The ATLA offices, located at 1401 W. Capitol, Suite #165 in Little Rock, offer members a centrally located meeting space and provides a conference table to accommodate fourteen. Our headquarters can also serve as your office-away-from-the-office while in Little Rock. Call ATLA headquarters today to schedule your next deposition or meeting.


ATLA Amicus Curiae Program
The ATLA Amicus Curiae Committee works to keep abreast of important judicial decisions. All too often, the committee is not notified of critical civil legal issues pending before the Arkansas Supreme Court until after the Court has rendered its decision. At that point, it is often too late since petitions for a rehearing are rarely granted after a decision is issued. The ATLA Amicus Curiae Committee is empowered by the ATLA Board of Governors to review cases involving important civil issues that have a far-ranging impact beyond the isolated facts of the particular case. Obviously, ATLA cannot become involved in every important case but wants to be made aware of important decisions being appealed which could have a significant impact upon important legal issues. Important issues include critical procedural matters; evidentiary rulings; questions of substantive law; jury instructions; post-verdict motions and related matters. ATLA strongly urges its members to immediately notify the Amicus Curiae Committee Chair as soon as an appeal is imminent. Usually, the issues involved will center around tort law but the ATLA Amicus Curiae Committee is open to consideration of any important civil legal issue. Don't wait. Keep your ATLA Amicus Curiae Committee informed. To file a request, click here. 


TrialSmith is a centralized private Internet based litigation research bank endorsed by 49 state trial lawyer associations containing the largest collection of legal documents in the 
United States.   Information submitted by participating members is compiled in an on-line, Internet based, keyword searchable format. View complete text or scanned images of depositions, briefs, pleadings, verdict/settlement information and much more. Search online or call 800-443-1757 for more information or to submit documents.


Discounts on Education Seminars
Stay on top of the latest practice techniques and trends with outstanding CLE seminars designed for and by trial lawyers. The ATLA CLE calendar includes ten or more programs annually in locations throughout 
Arkansas providing lawyers an opportunity to continue their professional development while earning required continuing legal education credits. Members receive special tuition discounts.


Law Student Employment Pool
The Law Student Employment Pool was designed to match ATLA Student Members who wish to practice plaintiff's law with ATLA members who need law clerks, contract employees, associate firm members, or to fill other types of positions to be negotiated between the individual ATLA students and members. 


E-Clips is a daily news service that focuses on items of interest to plaintiffs' lawyers. Articles are drawn from numerous national, state and local sources and screened for relevant content and the subject matter is abstracted. This information is presented to readers in summary form with references to the original information source. Periodically, additional information from local
Arkansas news agencies is added. EClips is distributed electronically via e-mail and the Internet to ATLA members. This FREE member service is provided to all members with an e-mail address. Not receiving EClips? Contact ATLA  to sign up!

Projector Rental
Need a projector?  Members are welcome to use ours.  Rates are $50 per day or $100 per week.